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Who We Are

The company has engaged a number of seasoned marketing and management professionals who have developed a number of innovative strategies to create value for all associates involved in this business operation.

The Earning TV is a very new and futuristic concept designed for advertisements. To lower the cost of advertisements this concept has been introduced. Not only corporates even a small businessman can also make advertisements on TV to increase there market.

Why Earning TV?

As per the reports from the Television Bureau of Advertising and Knowledge Networks Inc., 37% of television viewers make purchase decisions after watching television advertising compared to 7% for social media networks or any other medium of advertisement.


As far as our knowledge is concerned, India is the second largest TV market in the world. On the whole, there is 65 cores monthly viewership. Hence, television advertisements have the potential to reach a large volume of viewers in go within few seconds. They can actually reach 80% of the viewers across the nation instantly.

Strong Impact

Television advertisement can be so eye-catching and enticing that it can instantly have a strong impact on the minds of the viewers. People learn about new things and products largely through the television advertisements.


Why this ad platform?

Comprehensive Ad Options
Choose to advertise in any city/state across the country.
Guaranteed Lowest Prices
Leveraging our PAN India network of advertising partners & years of media expertise.
Operational Transparency
Track your ad campaigns throughout! Receive report on your campaign telecast.
Modern Layout
TV advertisements are most effective and as per modern layout of the society. Make your business a BRAND.

Business Opportunity

The Earning TV Offers you the Best Business Opportunity.

Our Objective is to introduce you a unique Growth Opportunity in the field of Advertisement by our new concept.

If you have the drive and the determination to make a change, we are convinced; you will not find a better opportunity available to you right now than this.

Ask Yourself:

Hence Accept Out Invitation for Financial Security and to create additional income to make your dreams come true…

Benefits of

The Earning TV

India’s 1st low cost advertisement solution.
Advertise your business at very nominal cost.
Attractive HD Visual Advertisement at multiple locations.
Increase reach ability of your business to more customers.
Most Importantly!

Get paid for displaying advertisement at your location.

The Earning TV

Advertising Cost

  • No. of screens


    Rs. 2000 + GST

    For 4 Weeks
  • No. of screens


    Rs. 3500 + GST

    For 4 Weeks
  • No. of screens


    Rs. 5000 + GST

    For 4 Weeks
  • No. of screens


    Rs. 8000 + GST

    For 4 Weeks
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